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Palmetto Boards : Handmade in the USA

Welcome to Palmetto Boards

All boards are built from sustainable hardwood species. Scraps of exotic hardwoods are used when available. The primary wood species is Ash and Maple. Accent strips are White & Red Oak, Sapele, Walnut, Cherry, and Red Birch.

Decks have two coats of finish. Crushed glass non-skid (provided by a local recycler) is added in a third top coat on some boards. The glue is non-toxic, solvent-free, & waterproof.

If you don't know whether to ride it or hang it on the wall, buy two, I'll send you a rebate of $20. Either way, I hope you enjoy

Shread Session 2011

Burned on your board. No arguments about ownership....

Made from Aluminum, this drilling guide was custom fabricated for Palmetto Boards.

It guarantees that bolt holes will align for both new & old school bolt patterns, and that they are true front and back.

This board was built as an auction item for the 2011 Capt. Richard Cliff Memorial Foundation.

The eagle was burned into the board, and then I added some paint to make it pop. Three coats of varnish finish were applied, along with red stars cut from regular grip tape.

The board rides on black, 180 mm Tracker trucks and blue Tunnel wheels.